"She believed she could, so she did"

Meet Natalie


I am a dog-loving - no, dog-obsessed, passionate, driven, and hard-working woman. I am a wife to a pretty fantastic husband. Mother to an amazing daughter, and a daughter to parents that raised me to reach for the stars and never let NO be an answer to my dreams. I am also a holistic nutrition coach, breathwork practitioner and personal trainer who is passionate about helping women become the best versions of themselves.

I was diagnosed with severe Crohn's disease in 2007 and have had a very bumpy road since. Although I am happy to report that I in remission and have been medication-free for over 2 years, my trials and tribulations have lead me to learn that what brings me the greatest joy in life is helping other BADASS women become the healthiest versions of themselves.

One on One Monthly Coaching


  • Are you ready to start REALLY feeling healthy?

  • Are you constantly struggling?

  • Is your life so busy that you "know" you should start exercising and eating better but you are overwhelmed on where to start?

  • Have you started countless diets, tried the latest fads never really getting anywhere? 

  • Do you feel like trying to figure out what to eat is controlling your life? 


What does health mean to me?
To me health is being able to live your best life every single day and not have your body hold you back. Be it weight, illness, or mindset. All aspects of your body need to be aligned so you can really live life to its fullest. 

I believe it's possible to be living a healthy lifestyle while living with chronic illness. Is it easy? No! But nothing that is worth it is easy.
I've done it for myself, and I've helped countless woman get their health back. I think its about time for you to feel amazing too!

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