About Natalie

Who am I you ask?


I am a dog-loving - no, dog-obsessed, passionate, driven, and hard-working woman. I am a wife to a pretty fantastic husband. A mother to an amazing daughter and a daughter to parents that raised me to reach for the stars and never let NO be an answer to my dreams. I am also a holistic nutrition coach, breathwork practitioner and personal trainer who is passionate about helping women who’s bodies are no longer functioning like they would like them to, become the healthiest versions of themselves.


I am also…

A girl who was constantly bullied for being overweight. A girl who grew up chubby and always dreamt about having "the perfect body". This carried on throughout high school where I very clearly remember thinking "I would do absolutely anything to lose weight and be skinny. I remember praying to God that I would literally do anything, ANYTHING to be skinny. I would run on the treadmill at the gym only to then reward myself with a foot-long meatball sub from Subway. Then I hired a personal trainer who was a bodybuilder and quite possibly the worst fit for me. She taught me to lift weights and still made me run on the treadmill. Still, didn’t get my perfect body. Then I went to a nutrition coach, who gave me a complicated meal plan that was impossible for me to follow. Hard recipes with food I hated. Needless to say, I still didn’t get my perfect body.


Keep reading it gets better.

In 2007, I was diagnosed with severe Crohn's disease - life immediately changed. I was on countless medications but continued to be in excruciating pain for years and years to come 12 to be exact. Countless hospital stays and I never got any better. I also never lost weight despite 20+ bathroom trips a day. Oops, too much information? Sorry, that's my life! I struggled with side effects from medication such as “moon face” and extreme mood swings. Despite being sick I still clearly remember daydreaming of my “perfect body”


In 2012 I decided to try an extreme diet called HCG. It did not last more than a week and I quickly gained back the weight I lost. This was also the time I was introduced to the wonderful world of #fitness on Instagram. I found a local kickboxing club and started eating "clean" and really focusing on the types of foods I was putting in my body. Thought-out that year I was able to lose 70lbs. I learned everything I could about nutrition and exercise, and I continue to do so up until today.


Since being diagnosed my health has been a roller coaster ride with many ups and downs. After a set back with my disease in 2017 and a 2-week hospital stay, I was put on a biologic medication (Humira) which shut down my body's ability to burn fat and caused me to gain 60lbs within 6 months despite training 6 days a week and tracking my food intake. I fought for my health and I am happy to report that for the first time in 12 years with the approval of all my doctors I am no longer on any medication. I have been able to keep my disease in remission through the right nutrition and exercise regime ever since.


This journey has been a bumpy one but it has got me to where I am now. A strong badass woman who is as much into spirituality as she is into holistic nutrition.  I truly believe that there is more to this life then we are made to believe, and that we have the power within us to live the lives we truly desire to live. 

No matter what life throws at me I will overcome and conquer all while sharing the health journey with all of you!


I will never stop learning. I will never stop pushing myself and the women I am helping!


That is just a snapshot of my story. I have a lot more to share. A lot more to contribute but my passion for health, the fire burning under me to help others really realize their full potential and reach their optimal ultimate goals is only getting bigger and growing stronger. I am committed to helping you reach and exceed your goals of living a healthy and fulfilling life. No matter what has held you back in the past, if my story resonates with you please take the scary step to message me and let’s chat!







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