1-on-1 Coaching


This program is for you if:

  • You have a Crohn's or UC and that has been holding you back from living your life. 

  • You are confused on what types of food to eat, what makes you worse and what you can tolerate

  • You have really stubborn weight to lose and it doesn't seem to be coming off no matter what you try nothing works. 

    • OR You are wanting to gain weight and are not sure how.​

  • Not sure what types of foods will support your health goals. Ever wonder why you feel really bloated and lethargic one day but another day you are full of energy?

  • You are dealing with the emotional and mental reproductions of having IBD.

  • You struggle with having enough motivation to follow through with any of your fitness goals.

  • You have no idea what type of exercise you should be doing to get active without causing or increasing a flare.

  • You are overwhelmed with all the information on the internet and are unsure what will really work for you. 

  • Nothing you seem to try ever really works. 

  • You know that you would benefit from an individualized custom to you and your goals approach to exercise and nutrition.

  • Accountability and always having someone to ask questions to would help keep you motivated.  

  • Last but not least: you are ready to do everything it takes to become the healthiest version of you, with some guidance and direction course. 

This program is not for you if:

  • You want a quick fix or magic pill that will make you get into remission instantly

  • You want change to come easy without any effort on your part

  • You are not willing to put in the work on a daily basis to become the best version of yourself

  • You are not willing to make big changes in your daily habits and lifestyle 


What does 1-on-1 Fitness coaching entail?

  • Unique nutrition plan 100% specific to your needs and your health & fitness goals

  • A constant support system to help you through what you are currently struggling with and help you push through

  • Education on nutrition including macronutrients and how to utilize them to learn which foods properly fuel your body

  • Updated nutrition guidelines as needed 

  • Tips and tricks to stay on track with your nutrition during special events and flare-ups 

  • A custom training program designed specifically for you & your body, and updated as you progress.​​

    • Gym or home-based exercises if deemed appropriate. (Some equipment required)​

    • Personalized cardio schedule made specifically for you (if deemed appropriate) 

  • Motivation, accountability, and mental conditioning. Mindset is a large factor in getting the most out of your health journey. We work on this portion a lot. Our illness can put us in a really dark place, but there is hope to get out and live your best life!

  • 30 min weekly detailed check-in phone calls (required for updating training and nutrition).

    • We dig deep in these check-ins and resolve any issues you may be having. 

  • Unlimited daily communication

    • You can message me when you are feeling tempted or just have a question. My clients who communicate with me more often, have the best results! I am always here to answer questions and cheer you on. We use a walkie talkie style app where we can voice message each other at any time. 

If you would like to see some nice things that my current and former clients have to say about the amazing success they have had by working with me


Are you ready to work with an Crohn's and UC coach who is going to be your #1 CHEERLEADER?

Who will be with you every step of the way, teaching you how to get healthy?

Who will have you back through everything and anything life throws at you?

A coach who is going to push you when you need it?


If this sounds like you lets get on the phone and have a conversation! 
I would love to get to know you and see if working together would be a right fit. I do not work with clients that I do not feel I will be able to help. 

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