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Having IBD can feel SO lonely & confusing. But you are not alone! There is a community of women supporting each other and connecting to fight the day to day impact this disease can have on us AND YOU ARE INVITED! 

This is a free 5 day class where you learn tips and tricks on how to manage your disease. I share how I went from a 12 year long severe Crohn's Flare to medication free remission. But best of all you are able to connect face to face (on a live call) with other women suffering with the same disaese as you.


HI! My name is Natalie and I am a certified personal trainer, sports nutrition coach, and full time student of holistic nutrition. I wish a course this existed for free in our community so I created it! 


The course will be run majority through a CLOSED facebook group. 
Our live daily calls will be run through a free app called ZOOM.

So Whats Included?
Daily Live Coaching calls 
Daily IBD Worksheets in your email 

Life time Facebook community of women exactly like you+ So much more! 
No strings attached 100% FREE! 

Not only will you be learning how to take the first steps on becoming healthy while living with IBD you will also be building a strong relationship with other women who are suffering with exactly what you are! I can't wait to have you be a part of this amazing group. 

Let's Do this!

Join the FREE 5 day IBD Group Coaching Class

*Once you sign up you will receive a email with a link to join our free Facebook community where the class will be held! 

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