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Please Note:

These are products that I use personally on a daily basis and  recommend to my clients. 
I have partnered with some of the companies to offer you the best discounts so keep an eye out. 
These are products that I am OBSESSED with. I would never recommend anything that I don't use consistently myself. 


Pure Anada is a cosmetics company that has certified organic make up and skin care. 

It took me YEARS to find a company with make up that actually worked, AND was organic without harmful chemicals. 
The only makeup and skin care I use if from Pure Anada

I can't even tell you a favourite because I use EVERYTHING Pure Anada and I am not even joking. Eye makeup, Skin makeup, lip, and all my skin care. Obsessed is a understatement! 

Pure Anada

Silver Fern

 I have found that Silver Fern™ Ultimate Probiotic is the best probiotic for restoring your gut health. I have tried dozens of other probiotics always to end up with a stomach ache. This specific probiotic is formulated specifically for people with IBD. Containing bacteria that has been show in scientific studies to help those with inflammatory bowel disease called: Saccharomyces boulardii. 


They also have any other products that are made specifically for gut health and with those who have IBD in mind. The two products I use the most are the probiotic and the digestive enzymes.



Perfect Keto

Perfect Keto is an amazing company created by Dr. Anthony Gustin. They have many different products to use in conjunction with a ketogenic diet. 

I personally love the salted caramel exogenous ketones and I use them everyday. 

I was lucky enough to get a code for 15% follow the link below and use the code: 



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