Gabi - I'm lucky to have her

Well, I think it's safe for me to say that Natalie has been life-changing.

I have Crohn's disease and Natalie has given me a positivity I never imagined possible. She allows me to see that remission is possible. While I'm definitely not quite there yet (I just started with Natalie a few weeks ago) I see it in my future, which is something I never would've eve thought in the past.

She motivates me like no other. She makes me feel like I am so much more than my illness and like I can live a somewhat normal life and still achieve everything I want to without my health holding me back.

So to anyone thinking about joining, there should be no more thinking! She is amazing, and yeah anyone would be lucky to have her as a coach!!


Melissa - She was sent to me for a reason

I'm so glad I made the choice to have Natalie as my coach. Having someone who understands how you are feeling/felt, is free of judgement and just wants to best for you, is hard to find when you have Crohns. I was so lost on what to eat, so I started to just eat what I knew my body could handle. My body actually didn't want any of the junk I was feeding it. By having Natalie as my coach I was able to find this out, and learn what to eat that works with my Crohns.


She is always there to answer any questions about what is good to eat and not to good to eat, and will explain why! I always wanted a coach to help me but finding someone who understands and is full of support isn't easy, never mind with this disease. I'm pretty sure she was sent to me for a reason. 


Gina - She gets me

So, Natalie wasn't my first health coach but she was the first one that totally gets me and what my struggles are. I have Crohn's disease and she really meant it when she said I know how you feel. We have to do things sooo different then everyone else with diet and exercise and she helps you with that. Knowledge is #1. but knowing the tricks to get through things I never could before has been so helpful! Plus she is pretty fricken cool to talk to! 


Kendra - I'm better than I was before

I’ve been working with Natalie now for a little bit over six months and my life hasn’t been better when it comes not to just my bowel issues, but my whole life is on the uprise every day!

I was diagnosed with IBS early last year and I couldn’t get a grasp of it to be able to maintain even working the shifts I wanted.

Within a couple of weeks of working with Natalie and changing things in my diet I noticed a lot of difference in my daily life. I can confidently say to you now today that my life is completely different when it comes to the way I choose to eat and what I choose to put in my body. With the guidance and knowledge, I have learnt in such little time, I’m happy to say that my life is now better than it ever was even before I was diagnosed with IBS.

I have energy that I’ve never known about I enjoy food again and cooking isn’t as dreadful as I thought.

My IBS has totally changed its path. I don’t take any type of medication just with knowledge about nutrition and healthy lifestyle tips. Natalie has given me back a better life than even before I was diagnosed with IBS!

This is my before and after picture from working with Natalie. 


Marcie - It's about the mindset

It's not just about the physical fitness that will get us healthy. Natalie includes mental fitness into her program- a huge aspect of health that I wasn't aware of how much it impacts us to reach our goals. 

Natalie showed me many new exercises that I could do that I truly love. Modifications and changes to the program was always an option. 

It was awesome to hear Natalie's voice and encouragement once a week during the check in's! To have someone there for you is not just helpful but necessary. She was also just a message away on our app to answer any questions quickly. This was very helpful at the beginning of my program!

Natalie teaches about 'non- scale goals'. These goals kept me going for a long time!! Without them, I wouldn't have realized all of my other successes!!!


Meaghan - It's life changing

Where do I start with how great Natalie has been to me? My journey hasn't been easy and I've struggled, struggled with my own insecurities, self-doubt and self-sabotage and she has believed in me when i haven't believed in myself. She has been there for me anytime I've needed her whether it be to congratulate me on success or talk me off a ledge when I feel like I can't keep going and just want to eat crap. She has offered me a ton of suggestions on how to handle eating out, on weekends and has even provided me with a ton of mental conditioning videos.

Since starting with Natalie a few months ago I've gotten down to my lowest weight I've seen in over two years! In those two years I've tried everything: counting calories, keto, weight watchers, 21-day fix, weight loss pills, etc. What's worked this time is having a program specifically made for me. The program is realistic and not restrictive (within reason of course!). This is not a "diet" in which I'm only going to do for a few months to lose weight and then go off, this is a lifestyle change, a change I CAN do for the rest of my life! 

Have I had struggles? YES (Christmas, weekends, spring break vacation) BUT Natalie has been there with me every step of the way guiding me and getting me back on track. I know I'm going to get below that 200 weight mark soon and it's all because of Natalie and her plan for me. 

Working with Natalie was the best decision I've made for myself and my family.

This is a photo of me before and after starting to work with Natalie.


Kendra - Life doesn't stop

It’s been a few months now that I have worked with Natalie at For The Health. I have lost Inches in all areas combining over 25 inches lost total!! I have lost over 20 pounds now which was my first goal and the comments from my close family and friends are starting to come in!

That was my main goal when I signed up and started working with Natalie as my health coach. The help I received from Natalie over the last few months have been life-changing!

Going from somebody who is diagnosed with IBS eating out 3 to 4 times a day fast food. To someone who now has some staples in their everyday diet that are prepared in my kitchen doing it with new energy I never had in the past EVER! Honestly, words I never thought I would ever say. I challenged Natalie to help me because I didn’t think it would be possible to change those habits, but she has and she has helped me do it in a way that I still enjoy! This whole time still maintaining my everyday life of 12 hours shifts volunteer work and a jammed social life!

The things Natalie has taught me when it comes to adding things into my life to make changes for my future me have been so valuable. It’s never been about a diet that I’m on its about life balance and care while teaching and educating me about diet and exercising and mental health! While losing weight, I now feel great and I know I can continue doing everything she has taught me for years and years to come!

BECAUSE THIS IS THE NEW ME AND I AM NOT CHANGING BACK to something I didn’t want but the first place! She is filled with so much knowledge and enthusiasm over social media after following her for a little while I knew I wanted in!

Natalie has helped me through life hurdles that I never thought would be possible! It’s not just the weight-loss journey it’s a new life journey and if you’re dealing with any type of health issue Natalie is knowledgeable to help adapt to any situation. She helped with my IBS and also a few months ago I have injured my knee and normally that would have stopped me. With Natalie we aren’t taking a break from helping me with my life journey life doesn’t take breaks when we have hurdles we learn to adapt and with the help of Natalie by my side, I won’t be stopped!

If you are on the fence about working with Natalie or not stop thinking and jump in. You will never look back!

P.S. My clothes are fitting so much better and even my everyday necklace is now too big in time to go chain shopping!


Natalie - I've lost my baby weight

I gained a lot of weight during my second pregnancy and while my son was soon turning three years old, I still hadn’t managed to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, despite occasional tries on my own.

I spent time on the gym, but with no clear focus or plan, and tried dieting occasionally but it always fell through when life got busy. With Natalie as my coach, I was able to finally keep at it and see results. The workout plans gave me a purpose in the gym and helped me progress and focus my time there. She encouraged me to try new exercises and gave tips when I was struggling with a certain exercise.

The nutrition and diet plan advice I received from Natalie was also great. She helped me come up with plans to avoid going off track and handle special events and situations that differed from my usual routine and gave me the support to get back on track even if I had a slip-up. She also kept me on a sustainable plan which has helped me stick to it.  

In addition to nutrition and exercise advice, she also provided mindset advice, exercises, and materials. This was awesome because really the only way to make a sustainable change in your life is with the right mindset. 

With Natalie I have finally lost that last pregnancy weight and done it with a sustainable lifestyle I will be able to maintain!


Laure - She is there for you 

We are all unique individuals and so are our fitness journeys. Natalie's tailor made fitness program will lead you further than you could ever imagine. She'll support you, motivate you and kick you in the butt when you need it. I wouldn't be where I am without her. 


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